Let's Presents

LET'S is a team of Seattle artists consisting of Andy Arkley, Courtney Barnebey and Peter Lynch

Andy Arkley
Peter Lynch
Courtney Barnebey

2017 (February 4th - April 22nd) - WE, MadArt  Studio, Seattle WA
2016 - Sweep, Soil Auction @ King Street Station, WA
2015 - Circle, Tacoma Art Museum - TAM 80, Tacoma, WA
2015 - Sweep, Gallery4Culture, Seattle, WA
2014 - Finger Power, Bumbershoot Festival, Seattle, WA
2014 - With &, Seattle Art Museum, Seattle, WA
2013 - Wave Motion, hydrOsphere by Interstitial Theatre, Seattle, WA
2013 - Magic Sync v2, Bumbershoot Festival, Seattle, WA
2013 - Magic Sync, SOIL Gallery, Seattle, WA

2016 4Culture Tech Specific Grant Recipient
2013 Artist Trust GAP Grant Recipient 

Artwork in action! | Bumbershoot 2013
Michael Upchurch, Seattle Times, August 29, 2013

South Seattle Trio Brings “Living Art” to Bumbershoot
South Seattle Emerald, August 29th, 2014

LET'S at Bumbershoot! And on Our Bumbershoot Cover!
Stranger Slog, August 29th, 2014